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1241 Carpenter St. Studio 319
Philadelphia, Pa 19147
David Donahue Restorations is a full service book restoration bindery.  We do just
about every type of book restoration, from your favorite children's book,  your
grandmother's cook book, Victorian Era Family Bibles, 15th century vellum
bindings, books of maps, photographic books, to  modern first editions.

We repair, restore, make replacement spines, duplicate existing spine designs,
make new bindings when required, resew books, make custom design bindings,
and make a wide selection of attractive archival quality clam shell storage boxes
for books.

We give accurate email estimates if you supply photos.  

We offer a money back guarantee.  If you don't like the work that was done, we
will redo it at no cost to you,  or refund 100% of your payment.  No questions
asked.  It's that simple.   Very few businesses will offer this level of guarantee,
especially where hard to learn skills, conservation knowledge,  and artistic talent
blend in unpredictable levels for each restoration.  

The only bad news is that we are not fast.    We do the jobs in the order they
come in, we take our time, and we do it right.   

Honestly, there is one more piece of bad news.  We are not the Walmart of
restorers.   There are other restoration companies that are cheaper.  I don't know
how they do it, or what magic they use that we haven't mastered, but we do not
cut corners. We use only the finest materials, we do all the work according to
industry standards for conservation and restoration,  and we provide superior
customer service.  So we factor all that into our pricing structure.  I think we
charge a fair prices for the level of skilled craftsman ship you get.   I might as well
get all the bad news out of the way.  Some books, a very select few, can simply
not be restored.  Serious water damage is usually the worst culprit, but sometimes
even our skills will not produce an acceptable repair and sometimes we don't find
this out until we are well into the restoration and find an unsolvable problem.   It's
rare, but it happens.

Go through our web site. There is a lot of information here and if this is the first
time you have considered a book restoration, you may feel overwhelmed, but that
is normal.  When you are done browsing the site, send us an email with your
pictures and we'll give you a pretty accurate estimate, and if you still have any
questions, feel free to call us.  Madeline, Ruth, or myself (David) will always take
time to answer your questions.   
“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” - Cicero